Why save?

There are many reasons to save but the main one is to provide you and your family or business with a ‘rainy day’ fund in order to meet future financial liabilities. These future liabilities may not even be known to you right now. However, the peace of mind of knowing you have the ability to meet likely or possible future expenditures is a valuable one.

There two main ways to invest for the future:

  • Invest a lump sum that you have now
  • Invest a little every month in order to build up a lump sum

If you have a lump sum to invest, you may require capital security or perhaps you are willing to forgo security in order to make a higher return on your capital.

If you plan to invest something every month, you may not wish to take any risk on your way to achieving your goal of having a lump sum. Or you may be willing to take some investment risk in your monthly plan knowing that you can avail of ‘euro cost averaging’ over the long term in this manner. This means that you may buy assets at a variety of prices (since buying monthly) over the long term and investment volatility is welcome as you can buy when asset prices are falling as well as rising and benefit from long term average returns.

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    Investment Experience

    How experienced an investor are you?
    I am not experienced, I have rarely invested in the pastI have invested before but only in relatively simple productsAlthough I am not an expert, I do understand how markets work and am comfortable in my ability to make most investment decisionsI have made investments in the past and would consider myself an experienced investor

    Importance of this Investment

    How important to you, is the investment you are considering now?
    I am very reliant on this investment and would be in trouble if I lost any of itI have other funds/sources of income but would feel pain if I suffered significant losses nowI will not be reliant on this investment in the next 10 years, but I will be after thatThese are surplus funds and I am unlikely to be dependent on them

    Safety of this Investment

    Thinking of the investment you are about to make, do you agree/disagree with the following statement: ‘I want my investment to be safe even if it means lower returns in the long run’
    I strongly agree with this statementI tend to agree with this statementI neither agree nor disagree with this statementI tend to disagree with this statementI strongly disagree with this statement

    Risk and Return Expectations

    What risk and return expectations do you have for this investment?
    I would only invest if I had a guarantee of getting at least my original investment backI want to earn a little more than I could on deposit. I would only take on a small amount of risk to achieve thisI am looking for steady long term growth and am prepared for some short term fluctuations in the value of my investmentI am looking for strong long term growth and understand this could lead to large fluctuations in the value of my investmentI want to maximise returns and am very comfortable taking on a high degree of risk to achieve this

    Attitude to Short Term Loss

    In order to achieve higher returns you need to be comfortable with short term losses. What is the maximum percentage of loss you could tolerate in any 12 month period, before becoming uncomfortable?

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